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The predecessor of Zhejiang Zhebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.was Zhebei Pharmaceutical Factory, which was established in 1989.
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The predecessor of Zhejiang Zhebei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.was Zhebei Pharmaceutical Factory, which was established in 1989.It is a professional pharmaceutical factory that produces nucleoside antiviraland cardiovascular drugs. It is a key medium-sized high-tech enterpriseof theZhejiang’s pharmaceutical industry. The companyhas aregistered capital of 50 million yuan, and its subsidiaries include Zhejiang Zhongcheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Haojie Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., and Heilongjiang Hengxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The companyhavethreepharmaceutical production bases,mainly producingpharmaceuticalraw materials, API and preparations. Ithas been awarded as titles of China Quality Credit AAA Enterprise, Zhejiang Excellent Private Enterprise, Zhejiang Science and Technology Enterprise, Zhejiang Top Ten Health Brand, Huzhou Industry Hidden Champion, and Huzhou Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise.

The address of the preparation and drug production base is Sanlitang, Qianyuan Town, Deqing County. It is also the company's registered location and the company's headquarters. It includes two production workshops. The annual production capacity of the tablet is300 million tablets; the annual production capacity of the oral liquid is 50 million Vials; The API base is located at No. 66, Guoshantou, Xinshi Town, Deqing County. The annual production capacityis250 tons.


The company has a total of 25 drug approval certificates, including 5 for APIs and 20 for preparations.The main drugs are fructose diphosphate sodium oral solution, inosine oral solution, mercaptopurine tablets, Weilinein (ribavirin tablets), Weidimin (cetirizine hydrochloride tablets), acyclovir tablets, metformin and glibenclamide tablets, and sodium fructose diphosphate for injection More than 20 kinds of pharmaceutical preparations, The main APIsare acyclovir, cetirizine hydrochloride, ribavirin, aminobutyric acid, etc. the domestic market share of acyclovir is among the best and exported to Russia, India, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.

The entire company covers an area of about 91 acres, and the green area of the plant reaches about 50%. The company has 170 employees, of which 52 have a college degree or above, and 19 have professional and technical titles (including 5 intermediate titles,4 licensed pharmacists, and 14 junior titles), accounting for 11% of the total employees.

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